A group of early circus performers standing before a painted bulls-eye, allowing scrutiny into their inner personas... Two silent children becoming aware of “the other”, and losing that sacred position of not knowing any notion of loneliness, and even a broken (no longer) Saint Geroge... The work of the Feltus brothers could be described as a “frozen theatre of the absurd”, in which they create “self portraits of others” in a silent exploration of the human condition.

Shot entirely on film, between their Edinburgh flat and their home in Assisi, and using cameras dating no later than the 1960s, FeltusFeltus approach the medium of photography with a compositional quality that seems much closer to painting, and with a silent theatricality that echoes the beginnings of cinema. Backgrounds for their Domestic Zirkus are painted to fit the desired theme, and costumes and sets are created entirely from the treasures found within the nooks and crannies of the artists’ homes.

The Feltus brothers, Tobias and Joseph, were born in Washington DC in 1979 and 1982. They later moved to Assisi, Italy, in 1987. The sons of figurative painters Alan Feltus and Lani Irwin, they have collaborated in photography since 1997. Both graduates of the Edinburgh College of Art, they had their first solo exhibitions together in northern Italy in 2006. They have won numerous international awards for their short film Solo Duets (2005), and for their photography.

Tobias’s individual site, mainly of photography is www.tobiasfeltus.com, or of design www.feltusfecit.com

Joseph’s individual site, mainly of film, is www.feltibus.com


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